Digital Modile Radio (DMR)

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Getting Started

The hand held shown above is one of the cheaper popular models now available, and comes complete with a USB programming lead and software. Be aware that not all suppliers include a programming lead.

Unlike most amateur rigs, none as far as I am aware, work 'straight from the box'.

The next 2 steps are most important:

Step 1 - In order to join the DMR Network an ID number associated with an amateur radio callsign must be obtained.
Step 2 - A CodePlug, which is basically a data file, in .rdt format is required to set up the radio's parameters for the area in which your local DMR Repeater is located.

To request a DMR ID, follow this link.
A copy of your Amateur Radio Licence will be required to Register here. (.jpg,.pdf etc)

To download a CodePlug, follow this link.
AND, from the same site, in the Extra Downloads section, download the MD380 CodePlug Editor, or follow the link below:
CodePlug Editor.

You will then be able to add your ID number, callsign, etc to the CodePlug file, or, if you are feeling really brave, using an existing CodePlug file as a template, write your own!

Follow this link to download the Tytera TYT MD380 User Manual.

Follow this link to download the Tytera TYT MD380 Installation Software.

A lot more help and information is available from the Essex Ham site:

Link to

Review of Tytera TYT MD380 Hand Held

For a complete list of DMR Repeaters in the UK, follow this link

Follow this link for an International DMR Listing.

My local DMR Repeater is located in Whitstable GB7EK, and falls within the South East Area

Link to GB7EK website, Whitstable (TX:439.625MHz-RX:430.625MHz - DVU50)

Monitor your own activity at Phoenix UK DMR

South East England TG801-EK REG801 (TG=Talk Group)
For details of the regional groups and which DMR Repeaters fall within them, follow this link.

Local Channels on EK:-
EK Loc9 S1 (EK only), EK Loc 9 S2 (GB7EK, GB7SK, GB7AS, GB7TH linked), EK REG801 (SE region mobile + M25)
There are others, including WW and Euro, calling and chat, upto a maximum of 16 on the Tytera MD 380 Hand Held, defined by the 'local' codeplug. UHF analogue, simplex and repeater channels can also be selected from the radio's menu.

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Tip: The hand microphone/speaker, SM33, for the Kenwood TH-D7E dual bander will fit the Tytera MD380, if one isn't supplied. Mine has been tested through GB7EK with no sign of 'motor boating', as some have found, using 'alternative' hand microphones.

Channel Scanning on the Tytera MD380

East Kent DMR Repeater Coverage

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GB7EX - click to enlarge

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GB7AS - click to enlarge

For full details on the above follow this link