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G4MKI's Raspberry Pi


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TNC-PI mounted on top of the Raspberry Pi - beta testing Linux (Debian) BPQ software
As of November 2013 testing a 2 TNC-PI stack to provide 2 rf ports in I2C Mode

Testing APRS Map/Messaging on the Pi - January 2015

There are 3 Raspberry Pi's in use at G4MKI's station

Raspberry Pi 1B - BRIARY:G4MKI-8 (LinBPQ Node)+PiTNC - RX only 144.800MHz (ex MB7UEK APRS on port 3)
Raspberry Pi IB - HMPTON:G4MKI-3 (LinBPQ Node)+PiTNC - RX/TX 144.950MHz when attended
Raspberry Pi 2B - HERON:G4MKI-10 (URONode)
All 3 above make use of UDP tunnelling for world wide internet connectivity. RF connection to the nodes is via HMPTON:G4MKI-3
Registered users have access to the Amateur Radio Members Area of my website which includes BPQ32 webpages,UI-View32 Webserver, Station Logs etc
Registration is via the Register/Upload link in the side menu

Testing Uronde 2.5.1 on the Raspberry Pi 2b - September 2016

Map of IP Gateways (UK/World)

Sending Weather Beacons from PILINBPQ

If your weather station is running in Windows, the wxnow.txt/wxreport.txt (or whatever) file it generates needs to be copied to the Windows Shares file, which in my case is /public on the Raspberry Pi. From there it needs to be moved to /linbpq. This process can be automated on the pi using 'crontab'. In my case crontab (found in /etc) was an empty file.
    Add the following line to crontab: */5 * * * * mv /public/wxreport.txt   /linbpq/wxreport.txt
Once inside /etc, the crontab editor can be invoked using crontab -e. Once the line has been added and the editor closed, crontab will generate a message indicating success. No need to reboot. The new line in crontab means: every 5 minutes (*/5 ****) move (mv) wxreport.txt from /public to /linbpq pilinbpq will now send Weather beacons at the time interval specified in the APRSERVE section of bpq32.cfg by WXInterval.
WXInterval= (minimum vallue is 10 = 10 minutes). WXFileName=wxreport.txt (or whatever yours is called)

Moving files between directories in WindowsXP, at suitable intervals, can easily be accomplished using a simple batch (.bat) file, which loops indefinitely, written in DOS after the Command Prompt C:\>edit COPY.BAT (will open the DOS Editor).

COPY   C:\vws\data\wxreport.txt   Y:\wxreport.txt
REM   Y:\ is the Windows Shares dir for Pi-1
COPY   C:\vws\data\wxreport.txt   X:\wxreport.txt
REM   X:\ is the Windows Shares dir for Pi-2 (included if Pi's are standalone, not stacked)
COPY   C:\vws\data\wxreport.txt   C:\Apache2.2\htdocs\wxreport.txt
REM   Copy to webserver if needed.
SLEEP   120
REM   Stops execution for the time period, in seconds, between copy/overwrite of new files.
REM   This should not be greater than the WXInterval=   specified in APRSDIGI section of bpq32.cfg
REM   Start looping
REM   No escape sequence included as .bat file is run in the background indefinitely

REM statements are ignored when the file is run and can be omitted...create a shortcut to the file and place it on your desktop.
If you want the file to run automatically at bootup, include the path to it in Windows AUTOEXEC.BAT

Resetting Pi's From I2C Mode To AX25 Mode

Use ./pitnc_setparams, OR, Turn TxDelay pot to 0 and restart the Pi (the Easier Way!)

Link to Coastal Chipworks for TNC-PI

TNC-PI Construction Manual

Building the TNC-PI by WB8RCR

How to:- If you intend running in i2c mode - default user PI won't have access to the i2c bus....
read on...I found I needed this!!! Ref: sudo usermod -a -G i2c pi - Author: John Wiseman G8BPQ (22.3.2013)

This section is missing from the manual!

G4MKI's Raspberry Pi Zero

My guess is that it should be possible, with the addition of a few extra components, to run a TNC-PI on one of these. Watch this space!