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Ardeshir Kapadia Barrister-at-Law

 Some of my likely ancestors:- William le Mey b.1404 - John Mee b.1480 - Edward Jones b.1575 - Thomas Pecke b.1591 - William Dexter b.1614 - Robert Slayney b.1630 - Thomas Lambert b.1668 - re-discovered at Genes Reunited with a long family association with the villages of Ticknall and Calke in Derbyshire


Moseley Hall Grammar School for Boys, Cheadle

Graduate of University of London Goldsmiths College 1962-65/1970-71


Dover Grammar School for Boys

Head of Faculty of Design & Technology
Researcher, Consortium for Assessment and Testing in Schools
GCSE Examiner & Moderator
The Sheppey School
1971 to 1989


1987-1988 (Runymede Campus)


I was first licenced in 1973 as G8HTY, passed the Morse Test in 1981 and was issued with the callsign G4MKI. I qualified as a teacher in 1965, teaching first in Dover, and subsequently in Sheppey.I took early retirement at 50. Specialising in Engineering related subjects, I spent many years as an Examiner and GCSE Moderator, was involved as a Researcher in the development of SATS (National Assessment and Testing Program in Schools) and eventually became a Teacher-Adviser in Information Technology.

My interest in computing and electronics found a natural outlet in the hobby, particularly on the construction side, and moved towards packet radio. An early interest in Amateur Television lead me to build all the equipment needed to transmit high quality 625 line pictures between my QTH in Sheppey to a fellow amateur in the Canterbury area. I also provided some constructional support for the modification of the High Q cavity isolation filters for the first 2 metre Amateur Radio Voice Repeater licenced in Kent. The Notice of Variation to run MB7UEK as a UI-Server was issued in 2001 as one in the first 16 licencees to take up the opportunity to run an internet gateway in the UK.

MB7UEK is a Linux BPQ32 APRS Internet Gateway and Weather Station, located in Herne Bay, Kent Sysop: Duncan Bray, G4MKI