Using AGW Packet Engine



The AGW Packet Engine is easy to set up to decode a packet data stream taken from the audio output of the IC-PCR1000 receiver ( or any other receiver) connected as an input to the soundcard of a PC. As this is a receive only setup, no external connection is required from the PC's COM port.

In the AGWPE Setup screen, the selected COM port is COM2, it could just as easily be COM1 provided that neither port is being used to support other applications whilst AGWPE is running. Set the baud rate to 9600 (Fig 1)

To drive application software, such as UI-View or AGW Tracker, the Tnc Sub Type selected should be KISS Simple, using a Single Port, Tnc Type SoundCard. (Fig 1)

Then go to the Setup Interfaces screen in AGWPE and check the Enable TCP/IP Application Interface and leave the TCP Port set at 8000 (Fig 2)

 UI-View32 Setup

Select Host mode AGWPE , then click Setup

Now you have two choices. If you want to run UI-View32 on the same PC as AGWPE, the entry Host machine can remain set to localhost. If however, you want to run UI-View32 on another PC on a LAN, it would be as well to replace localhost with the ip address of the machine on which AGWPE is running. If you dont know what the ip address of your PC is, then go to the Command Prompt,  type in ipconfig, then press Enter.

When UI-View32 is started, the caption below should appear

AGWPE Setup - Fig 1

AGWPE Setup Interfaces - Fig 2


Download AGWPE

Download AGWPE